Adèle Tilouine

EHESS - France

I’m a French researcher in visual studies, specialized in medieval studies. With an interdisciplinary master of Social Sciences obtained in 2013 at the EHESS (Paris), I have acquired a solid general culture both in History, History of Art and Anthropology. Having completed my master's thesis research on the innovation inherent to the imago in medieval West through the example of the evolutions of iconographic theme of the Resurrection of Christ, I’m now a candidate for a PhD at the EHESS, during which I intend to work about the medieval collections kept in museums in the United States by exploring the ways they are acquired, exposed and how do museums communicate about medieval objects but moreover about the medieval period itself. I’m also very interested in contemporary art. My artistic practice (painting, cartoon drawing, music, organization of cultural events, etc.) and my many journeys also permitted me to form affirmed tastes, new patterns of reflection and a personal philosophy of art. I also interview artists from all over the world in English or French to express their personal designs and value it in articles I write for the Website My Creative Side.

Adèle est membre honoraire du bureau de Last Focus