Camilo León-Quijano

Président de Last Focus

Doctorant Contractuel à l'EHESS - IIAC/LAHIC-IMM/CEMS

Phd Student (Sociology) at Ecole des Hautes Etudes en Sciences Sociales (LAHIC-IIAC/CEMS-IMM) of Paris. MA in Sociology and Latin American Studies at the Sorbonne University (Paris 3/IHEAL) and MA in Social Sciences (minor Gender, Politics and Sexuality) at the EHESS. I have been working in visual research projects in France, Italy, Colombia and Madagascar. Much of my work in visual studies is devoted to the analysis of social representation of urban spaces and gender relations in suburbs (Sarcelles and Medellín). 
Nowadays I'm working on a visual ethnography project in Sarcelles (France). 
I'm a founder member and current president of Last Focus Visual Research Network. 

Projets au sein de LF

Medellín et Bogotá, villes en vie - Avec J. Windenberger et Bertrand Verfaillie 

LFVRN 2015 International Conference "Visual Ethnography: Tools, Archives and Research Methods"

Exhibitions "Femmes Engagées" (Sorbonne University and Mairie de Paris - MIE Bastille) - 2014 and 2015



Facebook: Camilo