Silvia Wyder

Phd. Candidate - University of Derby

I graduated from Geneva University of Art and Design years ago after having commenced my art studies in Basel and Zurich, Switzerland . In between these studies I studied (main subject was ceramics and calligraphy) and worked in Japan for 2.5 years  before having studied Japanese language and calligraphy at Zurich University (part-time). After coming back to Europe I settled in Thoiry / France, which is located outside Geneva. My work was that of an artist having several with shows mainly in Europe, but also in the US, Hawaii, and before that, in Japan. I did sabbatical year as visiting artist at Stanford University (6 months) and lived in San Francisco during that time. Later on I started art therapy studies first in Arles, and finished these studies in Geneva by adopting a phenomenological approach to the field of art therapy. Subsequently I did a MSc in mental health: psychological therapies at Queen Mary University of London (theme: possible correlation between trauma and addiction). During my art therapy studies as well as during my MSc I worked in adult psychiatry as either an art therapy or a psychotherapy student (focus here was on Mindfulness approach). Since this Spring I started a doctoral research at University of Derby with a main focus in art therapy, art & architecture in connection to cultural studies. For this reason I am trying to set up places in several European countries, as well as in Japan in order to elicit art therapy workshops, which will be the main data of my research. Recently I worked as an art therapy at a crisis center for young adults in Geneva. Some time ago I opened my own private art therapy practice in Geneva.


Please visit my website ( for my art works. Regarding my art therapy practice: patients art works are not accessible to be shown publicly.